The smoke alarm
other alarms look up to.

Meet Nest Protect

TAB Smart Homes is here to help you choose the right devices from our vast range of home automation
products that fit your lifestyle. Moving your house to the Smartest Home on the Block.


Control lighting and appliances throughout your home remotely from a smartphone.


Consider using a programmable thermostat to increase energy management and reduce your utility bill


We offer a complete line of traditional security and surveillance systems to protect your home.

TAB Smart Homes

The fast pace and ever growing possibilities of today’s and tomorrow’s technology are exciting. New products are available almost daily to fill our homes full of hi-tech solutions that make our lives more automated, convenient and energy efficient.

See how your things work with Nest.

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When it comes to smart home automation,
TAB Smart Homes has you covered!

Works With Nest

As leaders in the smart home, both Big Ass Fans and Nest are among the founding members of the Thread Group.


Designing for the way you live, whether you’re home or away. Whirlpool smart washer and dryer now works with Nest.


Precondition your home to a comfortable temperature in time for your arrival. Set your Nest to Home or Away depending on your location.


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